Witch: Radiant + Rooted

Magical Moments (Ep 13, Feb 2021, Tulsi)

January 22, 2021

The first of a new cycle of monthly episodes of Witch: Radiant + Rooted where we highlight auspiciously timed opportunities to take matter to magic.

In this episode for February 2021, we're excited to: 
- introduce our new regular contributor, Sandra
- analyse the pros and cons of the Aquarius new moon
- use lunar masions to work magic with the Virgo full moon
- meet tulsi aka holy basil.

Please excuse the pesky cicadas. They won't be invited back.

Find out more:
Kim https://kimfairminer.com/ 
Cheryl https://www.solumfarm.com/
Sandra https://stellarleeastrology.com/ 

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